Online Legal Consultation

The internet has widened the range of service delivery, and in times like this when physical meetings may compromise safety, virtual consultations have to be resorted to.

At Brown Tech Legal, it is important to us that our clients continue to have the benefit of first-rate legal advice, even in the middle of the pandemic. Through our online legal consultations, business owners and private individuals can now consult with a skilled legal professional from the comfort of their homes.

We are available to provide advice on all intellectual property issues and continue to assist with filing administrative complaints, making applications and drafting legal forms. Here are some of the services you can continue to enjoy, even during COVID-19.

Dispute Resolution
IP disputes may not fall within the threshold of urgent cases to warrant a court sitting. Internet-based systems have ensured that dispute resolution services can be offered without the need for physical contact. WIPO recently announced the development of its Online dispute resolution facility.

The adoption of Online Dispute Resolution mechanisms is not exclusive to IP related disputes. Online mediation/arbitration has been applied in matters relating to disputes arising from technology-related transactions, cybersecurity and data protection.

For effective pursuit of the best outcome in your dispute resolution, you may need the services of an efficient IP lawyer. Through our internet based consultation systems, you can efficiently consult with us and provide instructions for your case.

Legal Drafting
Intellectual Property and Information Technology practice often involves a lot of drafting. From licensing agreements. Development agreements, cloud services to general contracts. Leveraging on our wealth of experience in this regard, we continue to provide quality legal drafting services to our clients.

All you would need to do is fill a questionnaire that with questions that an intellectual property attorney would ordinarily ask. Once you are done filling the questionnaire, we will take it from there and get to work on drafting the legal documents you require.

Filings and Administrative complaints
Some public institutions are open to online filing of applications and complaints. The US Patent and Trademark Office made the mandatory electronic filing rule recently. Other stakeholders and regulators have also incorporated electronic ramifications in their practice.
We continue to assist our clients to make these crucial filings and administrative complaints at this time so your IP rights continue to be protected.

Legal Opinions
Now more than ever, legal issues will rapidly arise, especially in technology-related transactions. This makes it imperative that individuals or businesses involved in these fields have timely and reliable legal advice when needed.

For example, our intellectual property team provides efficient patent assistance by providing reliable patentability opinions and infringement opinions. This is enabled by our robust understanding of the scientific, legal and technical ramifications of the client’s idea.

Comparative advantages of Online Consultancy

  • It is efficient and cost-effective.
  • The process is still entirely confidential, while guaranteeing your access to experienced IP professionals.
  • Easy drafting and execution of contracts characterized by less paper and more precedents.
  • It is entirely safe and allows you to avoid the risks of the current pandemic

If you would like to learn more about our online legal consultations, please contact us online or call us at 212-939-6440.

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1) How Do Online Legal Consultations work?
The whole process starts off by scheduling a consultation. Booking a preferred time with us via email, phone call or a direct chat through our website. At this preliminary stage, will set an appointment for a real-time conversation on your legal issue. At the time of appointment, we will require a brief summary of the legal issue andyour attorney will also ask questions to make important clarifications. The attorney may not give you a legal opinion or advice on first call. He may need to do some further findings and research on your case. In that case, there will be a need to further contact you.

2) What do I need to bring to my virtual consultation?
Usually, the requirements for your virtual consultation will be made available to you by your attorney. However, gathering information about your legal issue is the most important thing to do prior to your consultation. We will provide a checklist of documents or information you will require, depending on your legal issue. This can be made available prior to the scheduled consultation and transmitted through any agreed means. If you are unsure how to proceed, you can reach out to us for advice on what you will need during the consultation.