Intellectual Property

One of the most valuable intangible assets that businesses have is their intellectual property.  At Peter Brown & Associates, PLLC, we take all practical steps to protect our clients’ interests with intellectual property and to zealously defend these interests.  We provide sound legal counsel on the most effective methods to establish and assert intellectual property rights.

Providing Efficient Patent Assistance

A patent provides one of the best ways to protect your invention or idea.  Our intellectual property team helps complete patent applications and patent clearance searches.  Our clients rely on us for our patentability opinions and to prepare and file their applications for patents.  We also render infringement opinions.  Our team has a robust understanding of the scientific, technological and legal aspects behind each client’s idea.

We also represent clients who are involved in patent disputes regarding biotechnology, business systems, software, IT technologies, telecommunications and security, and monitoring equipment.  Because of our in-depth understanding of the complex technical issues involved in these matters, we are able to explain them in a way that is easier for a judge or jury to understand.

Protecting Your Work Through Trademarks and Copyrights

Our intellectual property attorney assists clients in obtaining trademarks and copyrights.  Our team performs searches and provides opinions about whether your desired trademark or copyright is likely to be registered.  We then file your trademark or copyright.

We also assist clients with acquiring domain names and protecting their intellectual property rights in an increasingly digital world.  We capably handle cases involving trademarks, trade dress, business names, trademark counterfeiting, and false advertising.

We also assist clients in maintaining their trademarks and copyrights and defending their intellectual property rights.  If someone is infringing on your copyright or trademark, we can take immediate action to seek an injunction to get him or her to stop.

Protecting Your Business’ Trade Secrets

Trade secrets often represent the core of technology companies and represent cutting edge technology, innovation, and new processes.  Our intellectual property team works to develop confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements that carefully define your business’ trade secrets and establish intimidating legal recourse if your trade secrets are infringed.  We also advise clients on best practices to protect their trade secrets.

Additionally, we help our corporate clients defend against claims of trade secret misappropriation.  We work proactively to preempt these allegations and immediately address them if they arise.

Defending Your Interests through Litigation and ADR

If you are accused of violating another business’ intellectual property or you need to take legal action to protect your own intellectual property, it is important that you have an experienced intellectual property litigator who can persuasively argue your position.  Additionally, look for a lawyer with a strong background in alternative dispute resolution methods that may save you time and money in your intellectual property dispute.  Our firm can carefully review the circumstances surrounding your case, discuss the potential risks and identify the best solution to address these issues.

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