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TechnologyAs a technological expert and as someone who has been recognized as one of the nation’s best-known technology litigators, Peter Brown has an unrivaled technological understanding and the skills necessary to defend your innovation in and out of the courtroom. For over 35 years, individuals and businesses alike have relied on the aggressive advocacy and abilities of this well-respected Midtown New York Information Technology.Our skilled representation and strategic legal guidance are tailored to protect your interests. Peter Brown & Associates PLLC is here to help you resolve your legal issues, regardless of how straightforward or complex they are.

Delivering Legal Solutions You Can Rely On

Businesses today confront an increasing number of challenges due to the technological landscape. Cybersecurity remains a top priority for many businesses. Our technologically savvy founding attorney can help you mitigate risk and promptly respond to cybersecurity challenges. Additionally, he can help you secure your intellectual property and protect your interests through a variety of legal venues. Our firm can also assist you with technology-related transactions. These services help you to create legal stronghold and prevent potential disputes.

Our representative services in these areas include:

  • Compliance and risk management
  • Drafting of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Consulting on data security, privacy rights, and information rights
  • Structuring of mergers and acquisitions
  • GDPR compliance
  • Compliance with other international privacy laws
  • Developing policies and security programs
  • Advising on internal privacy protocol
  • Security breach investigations
  • Patent assistance
  • Obtaining trademarks and copyrights
  • Patent licensing
  • Structuring of strategic joint ventures
  • Structuring of distribution deals
  • Drafting of licensing agreements
  • Drafting of manufacturing and supply agreements
  • Software and IT procurement
  • Structuring of asset sales
  • Structures of co-development arrangements

Our legal advice and recommendations are targeted on your current objectives as well as anticipated risks in the future. Our team can provide you with a custom-tailored legal strategy to help you develop legal strategies as well as mitigate risk to your business.

LawyerResponsive Legal Representation When You Need It Most

If your business is threatened with a legal action or you need to protect your intellectual property rights through a lawsuit, our team can help. We regularly protect your rights through civil litigation, including:

  • Litigating breach of technology service agreements and computer software disputes
  • Litigating intellectual property disputes, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and misuse of business trade secrets
  • Defending against investigations and actions by federal organizations and regulators
  • Defending against consumer class actions regarding privacy rights violations and data breaches

In addition to being a seasoned technology litigator, Peter Brown also has experience serving as a mediator and arbitrator. He recognizes that the complex issues involved in these areas of the law and your desire to resolve legal issues in a private forum often necessitate the use of alternative dispute resolution methods to achieve your objectives.

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Peter Brown & Associates PLLC has the skill, knowledge, and experience to capably represent you, whether you are facing cybersecurity issues, handling a technological transaction, or need to litigate a complex technological issue. Schedule a confidential consultation with us by calling (212) 939-6440. We are currently scheduling virtual consultations.

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