Civil Litigation

For more than 35 years, individuals and businesses throughout New York City have relied on Peter Brown to provide assertive representation and experienced legal counsel in civil litigation matters.  Peter Brown & Associates, PLLC has an in-depth understanding of complex legal and technological issues, the resources and the confidence to handle complex and document-intensive cases.  We meet with our clients and discuss their specific circumstances to determine the best legal strategy to achieve their objectives.

Avoiding Civil Litigation

Under the best of circumstances, civil litigation will still disrupt a business.  Peter Brown & Associates, PLLC seeks to proactively avoid civil litigation by providing sound legal counsel to businesses on risk analysis and the structuring of business agreements to provide clear guidelines and the rights and responsibilities of the parties.  Additionally, we can provide advice on alternatives to litigation, such as negotiations through attorneys or a settlement.  However, when it is necessary, we can defend claims or pursue legal action through civil litigation and develop an effective litigation strategy.

Extensive Civil Litigation Practice

In some situations, litigation is the best method to pursue particular legal remedies or defend yourself against unsubstantiated allegations.  Mr. Brown’s long and successful litigation career has often involved technology and the protection of intellectual property.  He has appeared in federal and state courts across the United States as lead counsel, including several landmark disputes that established new legal precedents in technology-related litigation.  Some of the litigated disputes that Mr.  Brown has been involved with include:

  • Breach of technology services agreements
  • Computer software disputes
  • Copyright infringement
  • Data breaches
  • Information technology
  • Intellectual property
  • Theft of data
  • Trade secret disputes

He has successfully represented small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.  He has also assisted various law firms that needed specialized assistance in technology-related matters.

Peter Brown & Associates, LLC can provide the assertive legal representation that you need if you are confronting any of these issues.

Mediation and Arbitration Experience

In addition to being a seasoned litigator, Peter Brown has also served as an arbitrator in numerous cases.  He has also helped mediate complex cases involving technology or intellectual property.  These alternatives may help resolve technology-related or intellectual property disputes in an effective and confidential manner.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Confidential Consultation

If you would like to explore your legal options to resolve a civil dispute, Peter Brown & Associates, PLLC can help.  We can discuss the circumstances of your case, identify your legal options and lay out the possible benefits and risks of each option so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case.  Contact us online or call us at 212-939-6440 to schedule a confidential consultation.